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A Rory in Calontir
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Rory McGowen's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
11:44 pm
So, Banba & I had to have Sybelle, our hedgehog, put to sleep yesterday. It was very, very sad. She lost an eye last month, and the docs didn't figure out right away what the cause was. Come to find out, it was an "abscess" inside her mouth. So we treated that for the last month, and yesterday her other eye was extruded. So I rushed her to the vet. But it was too late to save the eye. Now regardless she was going to be blind, but hedgehogs are related to shrews - and mostly blind anyway - so had it been JUST the eye, we would have been okay. BUT, it wasn't. The abscess it turns out was a malignant tumor that had metastasized and was throughout her head, and was causing her nose to bleed and - well, it was bad.

So, Banba went to the Vet's office so she could be there. They had to inject her straight into the heart, because well, try to find a vein on a hedgehog. That made it even harder.

And the cats know that something is up, because that spikey moving backscratcher didn't come home and mommy is sad.

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
3:29 pm
Actually, there isn't a lot that I would want to update in regards to my SCA Persona... There are a few points of interest in the time that I've been "missing." Banba and I were seeing Quiteria... That ended up disastrous!

For the full story.... http://www.livejournal.com/users/pcfry/18605.html
(Rather than reposting it)

While at Lilies I had two conversations with different Laurels. The first pretty much confirmed/told me, that I may as well forget about ever being a Laurel, especially with the shit that had "happened" at that Lilies. The second one went something very close to the following:
(after talking a couple of minutes)
R: Look, next meeting you go to, pass on a message for me. Tell your fellow Laurels to Fuck Off.
E: What are you talking about?
R: Well, I'm one of the best, if not the best, brewer this Kingdom has, so it isn't my skill. It isn't my research, since I am the most prolific and most published brewer we have. I have given away literally 1000's of dollars of largesse and gifts, so it isn't my generosity. I teach all the time. So whatever your reasons for not making me a Laurel has nothing to do with what you should be concerned with. . . so, all of you can simply fuck off.
L: Rory, don't worry about it.
R: You aren't getting it, I'm not. I know what is up, and I am simply letting you know, that I don't really fucking care anymore. Your decisions are based on faulty information that you choose to believe. So the problem really isn't mine, now is it?

And that was that.

Other news. Cudos to HE Jon for being able to spot bullshit. TRMs Katrine and Tristram SUCKED and were worthless. TRMs Ariel and Martino (more Ariel this time) have already disappointed me greatly for taking part in telling HE Diana to ask me to step down as Kingdom Largesse Coordinator.

With gas prices the way they are and our finances still unstable, we aren't going to many events in the near future anyway; so I'll have the opportunity to let things die down a little bit.

On the local group front, we did a demo for CMSU's Student Involvement Day, and our booth won second place, and netted our group $150, which we are using to pay for the event that we are having at the end of October. But even better than that, we got about 10 new students as members! Waahoo! We might even be viable soon. LOL.

The new Heraldry for Lost Forest has been submitted. Should hear something back in about 7-9 months. We're excited.

Uhm... I think that covers the 10,000 foot view of what has been up for the past several months.

Bis Spater!
Monday, September 5th, 2005
1:02 pm
Goodness, where have I been?
I have been anywhere but here, that is for sure. But I will be back shortly. I changed computers and am still in the process of getting everything back to snuff. Talk to you all in a couple.
Monday, February 21st, 2005
8:20 am
Tonight will be the second meeting of the combined groups. Last meeting was a little disappointing in numbers of people and people participating. We had a few people show up, but then a couple of them left early. Kinda annoying. Only one stayed to fight, Arik, and we had fun. He's a nice guy. Anyway, must go for right now, I'll try to write more after the meeting and tell you all how it went.
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
5:25 pm
Anglo-Saxon Riddle
I decided to add this riddle here to the LJ because it goes along with the way I have felt often of late in regards to the SCA. While the riddle 'sounds' very sexual in nature, it's answer is innocent. And while people have been prone to think ill thoughts, or erroneously of my behavior, the truth is much to the contrary. See if you can answer it. (BTW, it is an ACTUAL 8th C. translated Riddle) -Yes, they had sexual innuendo back then-

I'm a strange creature, for I satisfy women,
a service to the neighbors! No one suffers
at my hands except for my slayer.
I grow very tall, erect in a bed,
I'm hairy underneath. From time to time
a good-looking young girl, the doughty daughter
of some churl dares to hold me,
grips my russet skin, robs me of my head
and puts me in her pantry. At once that girl
with plaited hair who has confined me
remembers our meeting. Her eyes moisten.

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
11:04 pm
Okay, I am scum...
I haven't updated the journal. I am scum. But I am doing it now, so that should make up for it.

We went to Winter War Manuevers and had a pretty good time. I marshaled a few authorizations. Then I got to command the 3rd Unit of the Home Forces. Whipeeeeee! Gosh, I had a TON of fun! That was only like the 3rd command that I'd had, and, without bragging, I did a pretty good job.

Then I had Dietrich command for two battles, and it went... well, it was his first command, and it went about like my first command.

Then I had Banba command for two battles, and she did really well, and even impressed the commander of the Home forces with her insight into what she needed where and when.

We had a great time.

I dropped off the Estrella Largess to TRMs, and picked up what They had received. They asked about the local situation, and I told Them that it was fine "off list" but because of the (to quote the King) "dickheads", it was a little rough on list. We'll just have to see how things go.

But, we're moving in the right direction at least.

On the Squire front, my issues may be moot after May anyway, as Ternon will be following Cat to Grad school, so, I can whimp out of having "The Conversation" after all, and after May it may clear itself up. If He leaves Kingdom, then I will not feel bad about the logistics of the belt issues.

Otherwise, I am fairly well adjusted on the SCA front at this time. We're having fighter training at my house a couple of times a week, like we've had spear practice a few times recently, and that is going well. I think that Banba and Jurgen will be ready to authorize with spear before Spring. I think that I can train Jurgen well enough in the next 18 months, but can he get over his trippidation and timidness? We'll see.

As for me - I've peeved enough people about one thing or the other that I've given up the idea of advancement, either fighting wise or A&S wise. So it's time to settle into my station.

Well. I will go for now, but I'll figure out more to write in the near future. I finally have my LJ Client up and working with all my profiles. We'll see.
Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
10:11 am
Kris Kinder
Man, I hate being as busy as I was before Kris Kinder. Not only was I coordinating all the largess, I was personally making 100+ medallions for TRMs, AND making a bunch of siloflex swords.

Well, I had to set up our booth, had to work in the Privy for the second hour straight, had to set up the Largess tables, I had a ton of people to talk to at the event, helped marshal a few authorizations, didn't get to fight myself, Amanda came by and was all nice and even said that she missed us (but I know that isn't going anywhere), was come to find out during the Marshals' meeting that the Society may be thinking about outlawing siloflex weapons. So the $700+ that I have invested in shaved rattan and siloflex may be money down the farking toilet. I am sooooo happy about that. We actually sold about $300+ worth of inventory, so my losses at this point are only $400+ but still, I am annoyed to the enth degree. I am going to ask Jurgen if he wants to go to 12th night and set up a booth up there also.

And on top of this all, I have not been able to brew anything in months. Gah!
Friday, November 26th, 2004
2:24 pm
Welcome to
Rory McGowen's Persona

AoA, Leather Mallet, Iren-Fyrd, Silver Hammer, Torse
Baronial: Colors, Mark of Merit, Order of the Silver Griffon, Escallop, Order of the Trident Tree
Calontir Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion AS XXXVIII-XXXIX

-- Oxford Dictionary of Christian Names, Withycombe, E.G. (p.119)
-- http://www-vms.uoregon.edu/~bcadbury/timeln.htm
-- More Irish Families by Edward MacLysaght. Pub. Irish Academic Press
-- The Surnames of Scotland, Black, George F. (p.505)
-- http://www.goireland.ie/Genealogy/
-- http://www.fortunecity.com/bally/kilkenny/2/irenames.htm

The year was Anno Domini 1353 when I left Ireland and arrived in the Kingdom of Calontir in A.S. XXXI. My Family, McGowan, derived from my ancestor Briúin (pronounced Brian) Gobhânn (Irish for "smith" but still pronounced Gowan), has long been the local metal smiths for the best families of County Cavan, Ireland where we reside, and Counties Leitrim and Roscommon, to our southwest.

{A little History} The Dubliners, with Ruaidhri O'Connor's help, threw out Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster. Settling in County Roscommon, Dermot abducted the wife of Tighearnan O'Rourke of Breífne, Dervorgilla, to get control of that rich piece of County Connacht. This backfired when Ruaidhri O'Connor came to the aid of his ally O'Rourke to expel Dermot. So Dermot went to Henry II (BIG mistake) to get his lands back. In 1166, Henry authorized Lord Fitz Gilbert de Clare (Earl of Pembroke, known as "Strongbow") and other Normans to come help him do it. Strongbow, FitGerald, FitzStephen, and Dermot succeed in recapturing Leinster. Strongbow marries Dermot's daughter Aoife and is promised to be King of Leinster on Dermot's death. Henry gets worried about this news, but Strongbow submits and becomes vassal. Henry reserves the Kingdom of Dublin and all forts and seaports for himself; most of the kings, Norman and Irish, submit to him. Henry now passes laws making the Gaelic language and rituals illegal. Strongbow will not submit and joins with Hugh de Lacy in a revolt against Henry. They won.

Briúin Gobhânn was the personal armourer and weapon smith to Hugh de Lacy. Hugh de Lacy had been granted lands (previously belonging to local chieftains) by Henry II. When Hugh and Strongbow rose up against Henry, Briúin was "Granted" to join the resistance; making him a fry (freeman), and granting minor nobility to my family. Briúin Gobhânn anglicized his name to Brian Gowan to reflect his new nobility, and allied himself strongly with de Lacy and Strongbow (MacDermot). His oldest son, Shea Mac Gowan, inherited all lands and titles upon Brian's death.

Shea was responsible for creating the family Arms and for creating the family name McGowan. But Shea was a warrior who went off late in his life on the 3rd Crusade in 1190 with Richard the Lion-Hearted; he never returned.

His first son, Óengus learned the family trade of smithing and started the tradition of passing that trade to the first born.

Cúán came next. He was neither good at armouring nor finances. The family suffered greatly until his son took over.

Bécc brought the family back from the edge of poverty, and our lands grew. His first son was Bran McGowan.

In the 13th century, focus changed from lordship struggles to colonization, and all degrees came to Eastern Ireland, free side by side with serf. The chieftains were driven to marginal lands, and Western and Northern Ireland remain Gaelic. English became the language of towns and peasants, while Norman-French was spoken by the upper classes. From here on, the Crown tries to control the feudal barons; sometimes allying with the chieftains.

Bran, like Shea was a warrior, and died at a young age. He fathered first a daughter, Abigail, and then a son, Aodhán. He was called off to battle only to die a warriors death. His daughter, Abigail, died from a fall from horseback at the tender age of ten.

Aodhán never left his mother's side. His father and sister gone, he was all that his mother had left; and she would not risk the life of her only living child. He grew strong, and well respected in his skills as a smith. But he squandered his title, inheritance, and land. He married far beneath his station, many said, when he married a chieftain's daughter many years his junior, named Clodagh. By this time, the Gaelic chieftains had been pushed back by the "Anglos" to the far northern and western regions of Ireland. It was prohibited to practice Gaelic traditions, and those that did were "criminals."

Aodhán decision to marry Clodagh may have been influenced however by his need to strengthen the family coffers, and the chieftain's desire to "anglicize" his daughter to protect her from the growing English influence. It seemed a perfect match. So they were wed. Clodagh changed her name to Claudia. They received another entitlement of land; presumably from Claudia's clan. She bore Aodhán three boys; in order they were: Niadh, Baethan, Steafàn.

Steafàn, the youngest of my uncles, was sent to a monastery to become a man of God. Last I heard he was doing well. We don't see him much as he witnesses to pagans in northern Ireland most of the time. He is serving as the Irish emissary for Pope Clement VI.

Baethan joined the Scots in their campaign against Edward. He fought well and brave. He earned a Scottish Lordship, and was granted land that had been liberated from the English. Most recently he sold his lands in Scotland, and returned to Ireland where he has made his own way, and become a prominent figure in the development of Ireland's Parliment.

Niadh, my father, was sent to study the art of armour and weapon smithing from a master in Germany. He returned to County Cavan, Ireland in 1320, the year Robert the Bruce defeated England. He promptly took over the family business from his dying father. He had served 20 years under a master. He had inherited all his family land, the family business, titles and grants, including a Grant of Lordship and a traditional Irish Chieftainship. Upon returning to County Cavan, he immediately married a Nobel woman named Maggie from the Maguire family of County Fermanagh, she being a mere 15 years of age. As prima nocta was no longer enforced, Father and Mother have lived quite happily since their union under God in St. Bridgit's Cathedral in Loughtee. (Historical note: Loughtee , Upper County Cavan - The Mac Gobhânns (Mac Gowan) served as chiefs of the gallowglass {bagpipes} under the O'Reillys. -- http://www.fortunecity.com/bally/kilkenny/2/baronies.htm). They started their family shortly thereafter. My Father and Mother have lived in the family "castle" (not much more than a large stone home of many stories, with several smaller houses of servants and laborers and farmers all encompassed by a wall) with Nana (Claudia) since their marriage. It is here that all of us children were born.

My oldest brother Fergus was born in 1321, and was sent to learn Father's business (metal smithing) from a master in Italy. He writes to us as often as he can, telling us how wonderful Italy is, and explaining to Father all the new techniques in metal working. Father promptly scoffs loudly about his son explaining metal to him (and then can often be found in his shop later doing, one can only assume, what had been described to him by Fergus). My brother has been gone for nearly 16 years, and I do miss him and our games so.

My next brother, Cormac, was sent to live with a Noble within the Pale at the age of 8. There he was taught Latin and Law, about Greeks and poets, humors and aristocracy, geography and geometry. Everything a proper Noble should know, my brother was taught (my Mother made sure of that). He grew into a fine man, and is working closely with Baethan in the development of an Irish Parliament, and a peace accordance with the Chieftains, Lords, Kings, and Barons. I often fear for their lives being involved so in politics.

Cingit is my older sister. And when humors were being passed out, my sister filled up twice on bile. (But then she claims I am nothing but piss and wind.) She has no outward affection toward anyone or anything. Mother claims that is why she married so late at the age of 17. She lives in a nearby town within County Cavan, and her and her husband and children join us for supper every Sunday night after mass.

My youngest sister, Ró nnait, was born a year after I. She and I are closer than any brother and sister have ever been. Nana took special interest in us, and my sister especially. Nana says that Ró nnait has a specialness about her that sets her aside from others. We humor Nana, but hang on her every word when she is in a story telling mood. Ró nnait never married. She nearly did, about ten years ago or more. But her intended fell to a sword in a border skirmish with a rival Baron. Since that time, she has lived at home, and been my best friend, and helped Mother take care of Nana. I have had plenty of fights defending her honor.

I was born in 1324. Third male, fourth in line. There wasn't any hope for me, as my father put it. I would have to make my own, were I to have anything. (I mean, I live extravagantly off Father anyway, and he takes care of me quite well, but if I was to have anything that was mine, I would have to work for it..) So early in my life, I took breaks from my games to learn to read and to write from tutors that had been summoned for my sisters. I would often stop trampling through a farmer's fields long enough to learn about the land. (And most farmers in our area are still thankful to the goddesses for being allowed to work her fertile womb.) But between blessings, I gathered their knowledge of the land. What poor land it was. County Cavan is one of the better parts of Ireland, what with the Erne River feeding Upper Lough Erne to the East, Lower Lough Erne to the North, and plenty of rain, but not always wet like the coastal regions. But County Cavan is in a particularly hilly area of Ireland, and there are rocks aplenty for any farmer to complain about. The only animals fit for this area are sheep and wolves, and few crops grow in abundance. Except mine; but I get ahead of myself.

I grew up, as I said, learning from those that I could. As the youngest male, I wasn't expected to be educated, just spoiled and basically a fop. The other choice for someone in my situation was to be boarded by a Noble in England and taught under their guidance, and become a loyal subject of the English Crown. My father and mother agreed that would not be allowed.

I learned to fight from several of the guardsmen who taught their own sons the arts of war, and besides, it impressed the maids to no end to see a Noble in his finery with sword in hand (getting his ass handed to him). But, my efforts are what made an impression. We were never in immediate danger in County Cavan from attack, but we kept a small militia just in case. And where the militia failed to teach me something, Uncle Baethan was always eager to show me when he had the time. And as I've said, I fought many fights over the honor of my younger sister. I even went so far as to learn enough from my father to make all my equipment myself. I made a chainmaille halberd that goes over a stylish jupon, but under my cotehardie, as proper. I have a helm as well; one of those new bascinets. My weapon of choice is a long sword, being versatile enough to do many jobs.

My father was tiring of my mis-spent youth, and threatened to revoke all financial assistance to me what-so-ever. So I came upon a plan to allow me to still have fun, but not really work. I started to make Mead & Wine. Plain mead and flavored mead, spiced mead and fruit mead. I even imported some grape vines from a merchant from France. I have discovered that grapes grow quite well in the rocky terrain of County Cavan. (Nana is just happy that I work so well with nature.) By making beverages, I have made quiet a name for myself, just as my father instructed. I have sold my meads and wines to the most prominent families in all the surrounding counties. This year alone, I expect that I should turn more than 3 tuns (756 gals). In the local tavern, the proprietor sells my mead and wine by the gill (¼ pint) and makes us both quite a bit of money. One family, a Baron by the name of MacDermot, sampled some of my wine while over from Roscommon one summer to order armour from my father, and ordered a Pipe (½ tun) from me for the next summer.

When the time had come to deliver, I had a sum total of a puncheon (83 gals) bottled. I drove to County Roscommon with my father (who was delivering the armour) to explain the short coming to Baron MacDermot. I was met by the most beautiful young woman I had yet to lay eyes on. We were introduced, as was proper, by her father. Her name was Banba. I was love stuck almost immediately. The Baron accepted the puncheon with nary a blink, and paid me for the full Pipe. He said it was a good investment. He also took note of my obvious attraction to his daughter.

On subsequent visits to County Cavan, the good Baron always made sure that his daughter Banba was with him for the trip. He also started buying in smaller quantities, making his trips to our home more common. Upon his fourth visit to our home, he bade me take his daughter for a tour of my fields while he and Father spoke. I did so with pleasure. Little did we know that dealings in our future were taking place while we enjoyed that early eve stroll. Also of odd note was that Nana and Ró nnait had also taken a walk that night to the grove. I could see a bonfire in the direction of the grove, but had thought those two over their secret ways of our youth.

The moon was full over-head when Banba realized that it was far too late for a proper Noble maid to be out without escort. I reluctantly agreed, and we returned to the home. The Baron and his daughter were put up most graciously for the night, and I stole back out into the night to find out what trouble Nana and Ró nnait were stirring up. They were gone before I got there.

The next day, being Mass, the Baron and Banba joined us for service. We bid them farewell after supper, and I rode with them (as guard) to the County line. When I got home, Father started asking me questions about whom I might marry now that I had made a name for myself. I explained that there were a number of women from the County that matched my station, as I would never be allowed to marry whom I wished to. To my surprise, Father announced that if I so wished, the Baron and he were in agreement on a union of the two families, and that the Baron and Father were willing to award Arms and land to me if I so wished to marry the Lady Banba. I had truly made a name for myself. I agreed before either could sober up and change their minds. I was Awarded the lands my fields sat upon, and a league more, plus a token furlong of land in County Roscommon. Lady Banba was to be my wife.

We were married a year and a day from our moonlit walk in a proper Catholic wedding within the private MacDermot chapel. I was dressed quite lavishly in a Cotehardie in my livery colors and a cloak with my family's arms embroidered upon. Banba was a site to behold in her best kirtle of bright blue, a sideless Cotehardie (in my livery colors) and an exquisite cloak embroidered on the dexter with my Arms, and upon the sinister with her father's Arms. We spent our first night in the MacDermot Master Bed that had been moved into the commons room. The day after, we retreated to Father's home, and I commissioned our home to be built upon my land. It was to be modest by most standards, but more than common. The home was finished within the season, and we moved in after a short blessing ceremony by Nana and Ró nnait. Besides Banba and myself, a cook and a waiting maid live with us in rooms in the lower level of the home.

Banba soon took to her own activities, as well as running the household, and managing the help. (She is as strong-willed as any Irish woman, and I pity the fool that crosses her path on a foul day.)

The English have brought us their money, and expect that we use it. But it is all too confusing. You have Pence, and there are two halfpennies in a pence, and two Farthings in a halfpenny. It takes twelve pence to make a Shilling, and 20 Shillings to make a Pound; but it does not weigh anywhere close to a pound. What are these silly English thinking?

The only thing that I discovered I like from the English is their clothing fashion. I must say that the hose and gypon coming from England are quite dapper. And it is about time that the English realized that cotehardies should be short, in fact, hardly covering the cod. I had my father make me my girdle, while mother made my cloak from wool from our sheep, and skins of wolves I have hunted. My younger sister has been helping me put the family Crest upon the back of the cloak. I bought a hat the other day from a merchant who was traveling through County Cavan. It cost me seven farthings, and another for the plume. I gave him two halfpennies, and a pence, and he was happy. (English money makes no sense (cents), I say.)

As I said at the beginning, the year was Anno Domini 1353 when I left Ireland and arrived in the Kingdom of Calontir in A.S. XXXI. Banba and I had done well in Ireland, and I had learned a lot about my craft. But we decided to move to a Kingdom called Calontir by its people. When we first arrived, we found ourselves with a stronghold. They were a small group whom had little formal contact with the Kingdom of Calontir. I approached their Seneschal about what service I could be to their group, and was invited to fill the role of their Castellan, a person who welcomes newcomers to their group.

Banba was approached about becoming the local Herald, and accepted. Within a year and a day of her taking this office, most of the local population had heraldry in progress.

We built a home within this stronghold, and I resumed my vinting, sharing my meads and wines with the locals, and traveling throughout the Kingdom to other groups to share the fruits of my labor and learn from others.

I also traveled with the Calontir Army to a border skirmish with the Middle Kingdom. From that campaign, I learned the joy of being a member of greatest army in the Known World, and made every effort to attend as many wars and skirmishes as possible. Estrella, Gulf Wars, Armorgeddon. . .

On the Feast Day of Saint Brendan the Navigator, A.S. XXXIII, Banba and I were awarded Arms by the King and Queen of Calontir, Valens and Susannah.

Later that same year, the Exchequer for the stronghold passed from this world. I agreed to accept the responsibilities of that office as well. And with my assistance, the group prospered.

Among my favorite travels was the Barony of Forgotten Sea, directly west of the stronghold. Banba and I made a wealth of friends within the Barony, and learned that they were not as evil as the members of the stronghold would have us believe. Among these friends was a couple, Modar and Briana and their good friend Jadwiga. Modar and Briana were appointed the Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea before long. Banba and I made many more friends, hardly meeting a single person that we did not like. We traveled far and wide throughout the Kingdom and became known by many. One particular friend, Hrothgar, a fellow vintner and fighter, introduced us to many more people, including His Excellency Ternon de Caerleon, the first Prince of Calontir, a Knight of the Realm, a member or the Order of the Pelican. Hrothgar grew to be one of our good dear friends.

During the Feast of Eagles in A.S. XXXIV, while at Cum an Iolair, a Canton of the Barony, a fierce storm fell upon us in which several items were blown throughout the area. Without a thought about it, I ventured into the storm to retrieve these valuables for people. Upon returning to the festival, His Excellency Modar summoned my presence into his Court where he honored me with the Baronial Colors, and told me that I was welcome within His Courts.

A little less than a month later, Their Royal Majesties Eringlin and Alethea visited an event I was autocratting for the stronghold. At this event, Their Majesties summoned Banba into Their Court to make her a Companion of the Order of the Torse for all her service. I was summoned into Their Court as well, and entered into the Order of the Leather Mallet for my work in brewing and vinting. HE Syr Ternon was in attendance at this event and spent long amounts of time in private conversation with several members of his household and with HE Modar.

Two days later, word arrived by courier that HE Syr Ternon was extending an invitation to my Lady and I into his household, House Caerleon, with the intent of making me one of his squires. On the eve of Michealmas, Banba, Wilhelm (a very good friend from the stronghold), and I joined HE's household with a fealty ceremony held in the Court of TE Modar and Briana.

Meanwhile, I had applied to the Kingdom Seneschal and to Their Majesties for the position of Castellan for the Kingdom of Calontir. This petition was granted at the Fall Crown Tourney.

On the day of Kris Kinder that same year, I resolved that Banba and I were moving to the Barony of Forgotten Sea. That eve, HE Syr Ternon took Wilhelm and I as his squires.

At Estrella that year, my brother Hrothgar was inducted into the Order of the Iren-Fyrd.

On March 25th, A.S. XXXIV, Their Majesties Joe Angus and Pheadra, made me a Companion of the Order of the Iren-Fyrd. I was honored by Pheadra with a belt pouch with her symbol, and honored by Joe Angus with one of his Fyrd medalions.

On July 20th, A.S. XXXV, TE Modar and Briana suprised me yet again when they awarded me with Their Baronial Mark of Merit.

It was on August 26th, A.S. XXXV, that Their Majesties Thjo and Yrsa summoned me into Their Presence. It was then that Their Majesties offered companionship within Their Order of the Silver Hammer for my work in the sciences of Brewing and Vinting. This great honor carried with it a Grant of Arms, creating me a Lordship within our Society.

Due to difficulties, I stepped down as the Kingdom Castellan after only one year in office, made official in December, A.S. XXXV.

Late in A.S. XXXV, while at Clothier's Seminar, my Knight Syr Ternon, took back His protege belt from Hrothgar and gave unto him a belt of red, officially making him a squire. Ternon then offered His protege belt unto my Lady, which she accepted without hesitation.

At this time, Modar and I began hushed talks of starting a brewer's guild within the Barony. On the day of March 24, while at the Fool's Faire Changling Event, Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea, put seal and signature to the Charter of the Brewer's Guild, and made us official within Their Court that evening.

In April, I Autocratted Crown Tournament for the Barony at the request of HRM Valens. HL Jadwiga was my feastocrat. Count Dongal was the victor.

In May, the beginning of the year A.S. XXXVI, I entered the Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition. I hadn't really thought about the possibility of winning, as I was entering my efforts in Calligraphy and Illumination on the Baronial Brewers' Guild charter. C & I is not one of my primary fields; but much to my surprise, I was chosen to represent the Barony as their Champion.

In June, a month later, at our War of the Lilies XV, I was again called on by my Kingdom to step up and take on responsibility. This time the Kingdom Brewers' Guild was to be my challenge. A responsibility which I gladly accepted. I have made several strides forward with this group; I hope that things turn out well.

At this same war, My Lady-wife Banba was called into the Court of Valens IV and Comyn and presented with her own membership into the Order of the Leather Mallet, in recognition of her deeds in the Science of brewing. I was so very proud. And later that week, my squire brother Wilhelm was dogpiled into the Order of the Iren-Fyrd.

On July 12, A.S. XXXVI, TE Modar and Briana awarded me with membership in the Barony's Order of the Silver Griffin, their highest recognition in the Arts and Sciences.

At Dongal's Coronation, October XXXVI, it was discovered that the Barony was to again host Crown Tourney. I approached HE Modar and volunteered my services to Autocrat this Crown Tourney, as well. He accepted. My feastocrat will be Lady Gwen A'Brooke.

At the Canton of Aston Tor's Silk Roads event, on the day of St. Fermentus, I Marshaled the fighting. That evening, I was called into Court by Their Excellencies, and entered into the Baronial Order of the Escallop, for extended service to the Barony. I was quite honored. And surprised. But as I was returning to my position as personal guard for Her Excellency Briana, Her Royal Majesty called me before Her. She then honored and surprised me with membership into the Order of the Torse, for service to the Kingdom.

Late in the winter of A.S. XXXVI, Their Excellencies brought great honor to me by entering me into the Barony's Order of the Trident Tree, the highest service award the Barony is allowed to give. In addition, I was presented with the Baronial Spear, a weapon fitting a Fyrdman.

Upon the first weekend of August A.S.XXXVII, at Cum an Iolair's Feast of Eagles, TRMs Martino and Ariel shined upon Banba and offered membership within the Order of the Silver Hammer for her endevours in brewing and vinting. It was a good day.

Upon the beginning of A.S. XXXVIII (May), Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea, Malachi and Dejaneira, asked if I would be willing to take over the Baronial Brewers' Guild again. I gladly accepted. As I had put a lot of effort into restarting the guild from obscurity, I had no desires of seeing it drift back that way. TEs then asked if I couldn't make tons of beer for them for the BFS party at Lilies. Banba and I accepted that challenge as well. It is at least of note to myself that this year marks the 10th anniversary of me as a brewer and vinter.

At the War of the Lilies A.S.XXXVIII, I turned over the Kingdom Brewers' Guild to HL Alaric von Thurn. Also at this war, Banba was named the Royal Brewer, after winning a brewing contest for that title. I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. This also marked the beginning of some interesting conversations between Banba and Master Mikail and myself and HE Dejaneira. More on that later.

July A.S. XXXVIII started normal enough, but nothing ever stays normal for very long. I was encouraged to enter Kingdom Arts & Sciences. I had entered in Tri-Levels for the two years preceding, but had not ever entered Champions. So I entered. The first entry was an easy choice to me. Mulberry Mead. I love mulberries, and the Mead had been aged for almost two years by this point. The second entry was a little harder to decide, but I eventually settled on a Dopplebock Beer. The third entry was going to be a C&I entry, but at the last moment (before entries were due) I had found a period recipe for a Cordial that used "mightie strong ale" so I decided to use "ice beer" or beer that had been partially freeze fractionalized (distilled) to be sweeter and stronger. This caused a mighty bit of controversy here in Calontir. The night before the competition, I called the Autocrat to withdrawl from the event and was told that I most certainly was not withdrawling. I showed up to the event with my entries the next morning. All of the Judges were pleased with the level of work I had put in. Mistress Lina even informed the Queen that my entry would forever change Cordials. And when the day was done, and Their Majesties Court was opened, Master Pavel, my squire brother, was named Judges Choice for Tri-Levels, and I was named Kingdom A&S Champion. I must admit that I was so surprised that I could not assist with putting on the Baldric. His Highness, Master Joe Angus (my nephew), offered to teach me how to put on a baldric. All laughed.
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